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Product Description

The Origin backpacks offer a powerful and quiet performance, great ergonomics and comfort for the operator. High end filtration and protection of walls and fittings Features: By-pass 1100w motor - great power and allows vacuuming in potentially moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Two molded Santoprene(tm) bumpers protect the vacuum and the walls with their to absorb impact and not mark walls. Vertical exhaust allows vacuuming in an office environment without disturbing papers on tables and the air does not blow on the operator. 4 stage filtration as standard - will capture 99.98% or 0.3 microns of dust - meant dust free environment. Tapered polypropylene filter bag - will maintain suction until the full 5 liter of dust is picked up Unique cable restraint that protects the cable and is not wired in, therefore replaced easily if the cable is damaged without unscrewing or rewiring. Powerhead outlet - two straight pins (fits power team powerheads) Can be operated whilst standing on the ground without the danger of the motor overheating Made in Australia

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