About Company


NZ Cleaning Supplies are experts in delivering world-class, sustainable cleaning and hygiene solutions.


We’ve built great relationships with our business partners to deliver you quality hygiene and cleaning solutions. We continuously work together to bring you the best innovation there is, so you can focus on your core business.
Our people are our greatest assets. They are engaged and committed, driven by the same passion of improving the quality of your hygiene and safety as we are. We continuously train our people in the latest industry innovations and help them develop their skills in their own fields. We ensure that they have a positive work-life balance and good personal growth, by providing them with excellent working conditions and personal development programmes as part of our company initiatives. We embrace diversity and recognise differences as part of our culture-enriched team.
Listening is the key. Our approach has always been to understand your business requirements and assess your needs. That way we can set up tailored, world-class cleaning and hygiene solutions that will enhance your operation and help you focus more on your core business.