Brand Story

Tidying up the problems


It may say 'NZ Cleaning Supplies' in the logo, but we're actually in the business of solving problems.

Big problems, little problems, systemic breakdowns, or simply sticky floor syndrome - after thirty years in the business, our owner Anne Surridge knows that no two companies' issues are alike.

That's why we don't offer a one-size-fits-all service - we take a tailored, holistic approach designed to  make your life easier. And that all starts with really   listening.

By drawing on yeas of combined experience, our solid networks, creative thinking (and just a bit of cheek), we solve problems clients don't even know they have, unpick something they've learned to live with, and just make things easier all around - and we have fun doing it.

Even our business itself is guided by what you need, like when clients were crying out for   help managing their electrical cleaning equipment. As usual, we had the answer, with a new testing, tagging,  repair and maintenance service.

It's just one example of  the way we work -  smart advice, a tailored approach and above all,   a drive to  get things  sorted.